Facial Treatment

Eve Taylor

Eve Taylor is the founder of the Institute of Clinical Aromatherpy.Respected by professional skin care therapists and estheticians worldwide for more than 40 years.With over 4 decades of skincare knowledge and experience delivering products that unite the very best of plant essences with the needs of the skin.You can be sure that you are providing your skin with the consideration it deserves.

All facials include a luxurious hand massage using Eve Taylor hand & nail rescue. A scalp massage using coconut oil is also included. This hydrates any dry scalp and promotes shine in the hair.

Soothing Facial - 1 hour

Ideal for sensitive skin, this soothing treatment calms delicate, fragile skin. It helps reduce irritation and diminish redness. Your complexion becomes more even and your skin supple and velvety!

Purifying Facial - 1 hour

For skin that has a blemished or problem nature & requires a more clearing effect. It has a non stimulation effect and a mild astringent effect.

Balancing Facial - 1 hour

For skins that need a normalising effect but also may require protective qualities. It also aids in maintaining stability of skin texture and elasticy. Dull, tired skin is left invigorated and full of energy after this pampering treat

Express Facial - 30 mins

A facial for the busy woman on the go! You can choose a soothing, purifying or balancing facial which takes 30mins. A cleanse, tone, exfoliate, mask & moisturiser is applied on the skin. A great facial for young teenagers or first time facial clients.

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